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Early Education at Fresno State

When I was a young girl, I used to sit in the back of the room and watch and listen as my dad taught Criminology at Fresno State University (which is what it was named then). My mom worked in the library on campus, so I spent a fair amount of time in Bulldog territory.

Being on the California State University at Fresno campus last week participating and teaching in a California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED) certification program was a surreal experience for me. While the campus has grown and transformed into something greater since my youth, there are many aspects of that part of the world that will never change for me. 

Education has always been, and will always be, an important of my life. What CALED does to educate current and future economic growth is vital to the State of California, and being part of that last week was an honor in itself.

But standing in front of a room full of people wanting to learn was thrilling in a way that I can hardly describe. I flashed back to all those hours with my dad. I recalled being in that library and loving every minute of being surrounded by older, cooler kids who were on their own, choosing their own classes and learning how to be adults. Campus was exciting and independent. I couldn’t wait for that part of my life to begin. 

Life happened and my post-secondary education was delayed by travel, location moves, full-time work and children. I always knew I would go back to school and when I did return, it was likely more meaningful because I was more prepared to appreciate my college and master’s degree educational process. 

Talking about how to better finance economic development projects throughout the state brought my love of education together with my love of what I do for a living. IBank doesn’t just have an empty mission to help California. We deliver on the promise to create jobs and make California a better place to live. Education helped me be in the position to lead our team in that mission and every day I am grateful for the opportunity to accomplish our goals. 

And to think, it all really started when I was a young girl, sitting in the back of the room, watching my professor of a father at Fresno State.